Jonathan Cox Victory Sports & Fitness Testimonial

I have been a Victory performance athlete since I was 12 years old.  I began learning the basics of functional, resistance, balance, and flexibility training that has prevented many injuries and rehabilitated me after injuries that have occurred on the football field.  The number one thing I noticed when I first came to Victory was the sense of community.  I remember striving to hit a Victory record in bench press with most of the facility watching and cheering me on to achieve my personal record.  I trained with Rob Oshinskie for most of the tie as a middle school and high school athlete.  I learned valuable exercises that allowed me to never plateau in any maximal effort workout.  Even when I was training on my own I searched for new techniques and received new workouts from Rob.

Each year when I would return to school to perform testing in each major workout, my numbers would increase tremendously.  My squat was the number one worry for me, after incurring a serious knee injury in my junior year of college I reverted back to the innovative lower-body exercises that Victory Sports lives by.  I came back with new PRs in squat and power clean without performing those exercises at all the entire summer.

Growing up in State College, Victory has been my home away from home and the foundations of who I am as both an athlete and the man I am today.  The training I went through at Victory built my character and as a result I was also able go longer than most of my opponents.  While at times the workouts were grueling, I was always able to rely on the easy-going environment of Victory to pick me up.

It is no surprise now that I have returned to Victory to become a performance trainer. The wealth of knowledge that I walked into indicated to me that I had only hit the tip of the iceberg. I am astonished by the amount of things I am able to learn every day. The staff at Victory has incredibly strong relationships and they use each other to learn more and more to become better everyday. I have only worked here for a short time and I already feel welcome and have learned a lot in the time that I have been here. I will always hold Victory as a special place in my heart and its large impacts on who I am as a person today.