COVID-19 Information

Preparation to re-open

Here is a list of some of the things we have done while we have been shutdown preparing to reopen for you:

Carpets/Turf professionally cleaned/ Covid sanitized

Master Shine Commercial Cleaning

Cleaned/Painted all walls throughout the facility

Treated all equipment with New Goldshield surface anti-microbial (will continue to kill for 90 days, Non-Toxic) *reapplying every 30 days

Spaced out our equipment to maintain social distance

Implemented next generation Goldshield hand sanitizer effective for 5hrs (99.9% effective against bacteria/viru (NASA approved non-toxic)

We are very excited to see everyone and look forward to getting back to work! We appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation with our reopening protocol so we can keep our community safe.

Thank you
Team Victory

Victory Member & Visitor Expectations

Following CDC Guidelines regarding cleaning, social distancing and staying home if you are sick

Masks/Face Coverings required (exempt under Sec: 3 of Health Order will be marked with Victory hand stamp)

We are checking temperatures before entry >100.4 (fever and not admitted)

Must hand sanitize upon entry w/GoldShield (99.9% effective against bacteria/viruses 5hr protection)

Bring your own water bottle Refills available at cooler /water for sale at front desk

No towel or locker room service bathrooms/sinks are available

Must wipe off equipment after each use

Schedule (until further notice)

Mon-Thurs 6am-7:30pm
Friday 6am-7pm
Sat 9am-3pm
Sunday closed

What is Goldshield?

The chemistry developed by these scientists was brilliant and unique because it solved all the deficiencies that had eluded the best chemists in the world for 30 years. Goldshield is the world’s only patented, functioning organosilane that has been fully stabilized in water, therefore will not self-condense, uses no acids or other solvents, is non-flammable, is water-based and odorless, does not leach, forms a long-lasting covalent bond, has a long in-bottle shelf life typically over a year and a half, is very easy to apply via a traditional spray bottle, is economical because a single application provides up to a 30-90 day “invisible” protective shield inhibiting bacteria and fungi that cause odor, staining or discoloration.

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer & Protectant
Next-Generation of Infection Control
• Unique, patented molecular assembly
• World’s only water-stabilized, alcohol-free hand sanitizer that provides long-term protection
• Will not leach into the bloodstream
Features & Benefits
• Kills up to 99.99% of germs and other bacteria
• Alcohol-free, safe for kids
• Water-based, won’t dry, crack, or irritate skin
• Non-flammable
• FDA registered
• Made in the USA

2.5oz travel size $14.99 (includes tax) available at front desk